2018 Principal's Message

​In 2018, we identify the continued importance of cultivating our collaborative community.  The culture of any community is driven by those members who make up the community. The Students, parents, staff and parishioners are the stakeholders that define who we are, through their beliefs, values, actions and attitudes.  We recognise parents as the first educators of their children and know that “together we can….." . Together we can, as it takes a village to raise a child.  In 2017, our school motto:  “Better Together" highlighted how parents' commitment in positive partnership is essential as we strive for excellence in learning and teaching for all our students.  We recognise learning is our work as we develop a love of learning and hearts of hope for all our learners.


St Joseph's is blessed with quality educative facilities and is well resourced with a professional staff who are committed to being more, striving to improve their practice and be the best educators they can be.  As a professional learning community we are committed to excellence in learning and teaching.  Our priority as a teaching team is continuing to grow the engagement, progress and achievement of each and every child in literacy and numeracy and in all other subject areas.  We recognise that all learners need to feel safe, valued and respected as individuals and are created in God's own image.

During our 2018 professional learning days, collectively as a staff we reflected upon what makes St Joseph's a unique Catholic school, unlike any other.  We recognise there is much to be grateful for and to celebrate.  We also identify areas we can improve.   Our motto of humility, care and respect gives us a framework within which to think about our school direction in how we authentically choose to live daily, and the choices we make through our own words and actions.  As a school, together we can live our school motto in how we care for ourselves, each other and our environment.  This is reflected in how we greet each other everyday, how we welcome people into our community and encourages us as parents to consider how we can be the best example to our children. If we want our children to understand that there are rules and expectations in order to be a good citizen  and community member,  we need to start with ourselves, together we can.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you are willing to accept".  Together we are role models for our students, your children, as we are challenged to show them the way by our own example.  This challenges us to ask ourselves, “How do we care and respect our school, neighbours and friends?  How do we respond when someone wrongs us?  Are we able to show forgiveness?"  We therefore need to have the courage to speak up and say…… “That is not how we do things at St Joseph's, we are a community of humility,  care and respect".  

We are about academics at St Joey's but we are also about making a better world by our example of showing love through humility, care and respect. Our students, your children, are our future, as they are the leaders, creators, innovators and peace makers of tomorrow.  We can challenge them to be more together, in partnership, but more importantly in authentic friendship.

 Yours in education,

​Fran Burke