Our Commitment

St Joseph’s is committed to delivering excellence in learning and teaching. We are an extremely well resourced school in both physical and human capital. Our staff are committed to our Brisbane Catholic Education Mission to Teach, Challenge and Transform. We inspire our students with a love of learning and a heart of hope as they are empower to shape and enrich our world.

PBAR_ourcommitment.jpgOur aspiration is to grow engagement, progress, achievement and well being for every student by:

  • Advancing student progress and achievement
  • Accelerating literacy and numeracy learning
  • Innovating for excellence
  • Achieving maximum learning potential

We are committed to our strong Catholic identity as we aspire to strengthen our capacity to lead, engage and teach with a re-contextualised Catholic world-view. We sustain our Catholic identity through the delivery of our Religious Curriculum and through example of our Religious Life of our School as we grow holistic and inclusively the faith formation of our students, staff and parents.

The numerous extra curricular opportunities are further example of our commitment to offering a high quality multi-facet education for our students.

  • External Tennis lessons
  • Clubs such as: Netball Club, Kilometre Club, St Joey’s Athletics Club, Chess Club
  • Robotics: Curriculum-based and extra-curricular club (Partnership with University of Queensland)
  • External Piano, Violin and Guitar lessons
  • Choirs: Junior, Senior and Boys
  • Tournament of the Minds, Brain raiders, other external competitions and initiatives
  • Sporting Schools Grants
  • Swimming lessons
  • Gala Sports: Interschool competition
  • PBAR_ourcommitment03.jpg
  • Instrumental Music Programme
  • School Bands: Junior & Senior
  • Student Leadership opportunities
  • Educational School Camps: supporting the relevant curriculum
  • Dance Troupe
  • Student Council
  • Year 6 Canberra Trip
  • External Speech & Drama Lessons