Student Protection

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At St Joseph’s we teach children in all year levels the Feeling Safe Strategy. This is mandated by Brisbane Catholic Education and is an integral part of our student protection processes. Teachers use the “Be a Hero” posters to discuss the following key ideas regarding students’ personal safety:

  • We all have the right to feel safe all of the time
  • Nothing is so awful that we can’t talk about it with someone
  • Students develop their own personal network of adults they trust
  • Students are encouraged to talk to these people if they feel unsafe at school or away from school

The concept of persistence is stressed i.e. students are encouraged to keep talking until someone listens and something is done to help them feel safe again. All staff participate in student protection training and professional learning to assist them to understand their legal, policy and pastoral responsibilities and to respond appropriately to student protection concerns. All volunteers are also required to complete student protection training.

The students of St Joseph’s, and their safety and well-being, are our priority. St Joseph’s is committed to the protection of all our students from harm and abuse.

The St Joseph's Bardon School Student Protection Contacts (SPC) are:

  • Fran Burke (Principal)
  • Kim Fehervary (Assistant Principal, Religious Education)
  • Peta Greaney (Guidance Counsellor)
  • Mark Deegan (Year 4 W Teacher)

If you are a Volunteer at St Joseph's you will need to undertake Student Protection training.  

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