Assessment and Reporting

PBAR_assessment1.jpg​Assessment occurs throughout the year in both formal and informal situations and allows teachers to provide opportunities to foster the growth of the individual child by allowing them to plan for educational activities to suit the needs of the students. Reporting is the formal times (Parent, student teacher interviews and written reports) throughout the year when the school communicates with parents about their child’s learning. An overview of our current practice is as follows:

Term One

  • Parent Night: Tuesday 7th February starting at 6.00pm in our School Hall
  • “Meet and Greet” your child’s teacher: Weeks 3, 4 and 5.
  • Term 1 Curriculum Overview sent home by Week 3
  • Term 1 Celebration of Learning Day & Open Day: Monday 6th March 8.30am to 10.30am.
  • Please join us for our school assembly

Semester One

  • Student –led conferences: Monday 12th to Thursday 22nd June.
  • Semester One School Reports available on Parent Portal on Wednesday 7th June.

Semester Two

  • Student-led conferences: to be negotiated at class level.
  • Semester Two School Reports available on Parent Portal on Monday 27th November.

PBAR_assessment2.jpgParents who wish to discuss their child’s academic progress or behaviour are encouraged to make an appointment in the first instance with the class teacher. A meeting with the class teacher and Principal may be organised on the initiative of either of the people involved.