National Sorry Day

Sing, sing loud, we've broken the silence, let sorry start healing our land," was the chorus of the Sorry Song that rang out through the hall at today's school assembly.   The Year 6 students and leaders of St Joseph's Catholic Primary School at Bardon shared a prayer on National Sorry Day.

Tia began the assembly prayer with the following explanation, “Last Saturday was National Sorry Day, on this day we apologize to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcefully removed from their families during the Stolen Generation."

Sophie stated to the seated community, “Many of the children never saw their parents again.  The Stolen Generation lasted from 1910 to 1970 (that's 60 years!). It wasn't until 13 May 2008, that Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, formally apologized on behalf of the Government to the affected families of the Stolen Generation. Every year since, on 26 May, Australia remembers and celebrates National Sorry Day."

Throughout St Joseph's, all students are colouring hands as a symbol to say sorry to collate together as a St Joseph's Sea of Hands.  Year 6 student, Audrey communicated that “The first Sea of Hands was held on the 12 October 1997, in front of Parliament House, Canberra. The Sea of Hands was created as a powerful sign of support for Indigenous people."

As a sign of solidarity and respect the year 6 leaders created several “Sea of Hands" and a powerful poster that will be displayed in our Active Learning Centre to remind us of this very important event.

“God of Comfort, we pray for reconciliation and compassion and the grace to move forward together in Peace" read Jack as the prayer concluded with the moving chorus of the Sorry Song.  “Sing, sing loud, break through the silence
Sing sorry across this land."

National Sorry Day.jpg