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Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Bardon


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 Teaching & Learning


​Teaching and learning at St Joseph’s is based on maximising learning within a quality teaching and learning environment.         read more...


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Applications for enrolment across all year levels are welcome at any point during the year.

Our play based Prep Program provides a quality learning and teaching program in a caring Catholic community.                    
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 Community News



Year 6 celebrated their graduation from St Joseph’s last night. It was a wonderful occasion and we have so many people to thank for making it a special night. Firstly Mrs Busby for helping us plan our memorable mass, our parents for the amazing decorations and a special heartfelt thanks for the parents of Year 5 who did a fantastic job catering our supper. We really appreciate all your hard work. Another special thank you, to Mrs Whitchurch, a past parent, who made and decorated our incredible cake, it was a shame to cut it. We would also like to thank all of our wonderful teachers for attending and helping make our night so enjoyable. A special thanks to Rob Fowler for giving up his time to help with altar serving, it is greatly appreciated.

Last night each Year 6 student received their graduating certificates, thanks to Mel Noonan they looked incredible. There were also three special awards, one for Cultural Excellence, Academic Excellence and The Spirit of St Joseph’s. This year the proud recipients were: Rose W for Cultural Excellence, Ella P for Academic Excellence, Lily A for The Spirit of St Joseph’s.

On behalf of Year 6 we would again like to thank the St Joseph’s community for helping make our time here so special. Please enjoy reading Rose Whiting’s graduation speech and some of Year 6’s thoughts of their time here at St Joseph’s. By Year 6 




Toward the end of Term 3, Year 2 were taking part in the assessment challenge that focused on the forces of Push and Pull. Students had to design and create a cart that could be used by the character Nim, from the Nim’s Island series that was our focus literature text for the term. We selected appropriate materials that would be the most useful and tested our carts after they were developed. Changes were made to ensure their efficiency and the carts were then retested. This term we are designing and creating Christmas decorations in accordance with the festivities that are approaching. We are carefully selecting appropriate and functional materials for this design challenge and we look forward to taking them home and hanging them on our Christmas trees.     



Our Year Five leaders are doing a wonderful job of coordinating our St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. All donated goods will go to our local Bardon St Vincent de Paul Conference who will distribute items to those in need in our local community. Small gifts for single, older adults are in high demand in our local context so please consider adding something small to your shopping to help us out in brightening someone’s Christmas.



 Upcoming Events


 Tennis Court Hire


​Both tennis courts at St Joseph’s are available for hire at the rate of: $10 per hour during the day; or $12 per hour when lights used.