Principal's Message

​​​​​My moral purpose as the principal of St Joseph's is to challenge and inspire teachers and staff to be leaders where together we build a Christ-centred learning community striving for high expectations for all learners.  To provide students with a vision for the future that is hopeful, where they feel they can contribute, thrive, excel, inspire, lead, create, innovate and make a difference for a better world.  To work with parents in collaborative partnership where trust, respect, forgiveness, patience and understanding is paramount.  To make every decision as if it's for your mother, brother or child.  Learning is our work.

As St Joseph's principal, I identify the continued importance of sustaining our collaborative community as we further strengthen our authentic parent engagement. The culture of any community is driven by the stakeholders. The students, parents, staff and parishioners define who we are, through their beliefs, values, actions and attitudes. ~ be the change you want to see in the world ~

As a primary school our core business is high expectations for each unique individual. As educators our commitment is acknowledging that learning is our work and our goal is developing a love of learning and hearts of hope for all our learners.

Our children need hope-filled, optimistic, intelligent, globally conscious, ethically sound role models to challenge, support, nurture and partner with them. Our goal is to strive for continued excellence in learning and teaching. We are all in this together ~ parents and staff as one team, wanting the same outcome, the same goal which is our students, your childr​en, being joy-filled learners.​

We ​​understand and accept the diverse difference of every individual, uniquely created as a divine gift. Our job is to promote a belief in oneself to be the best version he or she can be. As a Catholic school, our Catholic values and traditions are the moral compass guiding our pathway ahead. Our learning dispositions (Take Risks, Persist, Collaborate, Connect and Reflect) activate our learning. We understand and promote each students' unique gifts and talents in an inclusive environment where coming to school every day is joy-filled. We encourage our students to demonstrate a positive, growth mindset. To be confident and have a student voice that expresses gratitude, pride in achievements, asks for support and articulates the next steps in learning progressions. We are committed to classrooms that are respectful, caring, positive, safe and happy.

It is with gratitude we recognise our high-quality educative facilities and abundant resources at St Joseph's.

Our motto of Humility, Care and Respect is our touchstone to promote joy-filled  learning. You, as parents, entrust your children to us. As one team, with one goal, I ask parents to support us, to have faith and trust in us as a teaching profession to develop the leaders, creators, innovators and peace makes of tomorrow in joy-filled partnership with you.  We are confident as one team, we can achieve this together.

​Yours in education,

​Fran Burke

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