Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Positive Behaviours​ for Learning

All members of our St Joseph’s community will actively promote and encourage our STAR Behaviours to continue to foster our Christ centred learning community where the values of excellence, justice, hope and integrity are paramount. Our whole school approach to positive behaviours for learning ensures maximum learning opportunities for all.

This common language and understanding helps everyone in our community to grow and glow as STARS. Just like learning, our students are on a behavioural continuum and we acknowledge that all students are at different points along their journey to understand how the choices they make, right and wrong, affect themselves and others in our community. We use a restorative justice approach where our learners identify inappropriate behaviour, the why, and the what to do next time. As part of this process, reconciliation and forgiveness is essential as we are a Catholic school and we follow the example set by Jesus Christ. Our goal is about all learners developing their cognitive understanding of choices to make, confidence, resilience, negotiating and problem solving skills.

St Joseph’s Positive Behaviour for Learning Guidelines can be accessed through our Parent Portal, Forms & Documents, Category: Policies.

Dispositions for Learning​

Our students are owners of their own learning and this whole school language fosters that we are all stars and when we actively learn we glow and grow.

St Joseph’s is committed to delivering excellent learning and teaching. Our learners reflect on five key questions: What am I learning? How am I going? How do I know? How can I improve? What do I do when I am stuck?

Clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria assist in directing the progression of learning. Regular opportunities ensure our students can share their celebration of learning with specific events, student-led conferences, open days, through technology, at assemblies, in publications and in daily reflection.

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