Support and Inclusion

​​​Supporting and Inclusion of all Learners 

Differentiation of the Curriculum

PBAR_inclusion1.jpgSt Joseph’s welcomes students with diversity; celebrating the gifts, talents and uniqueness of each individual. 

We recognise that each child is created in God’s image and our mission is to empower them to shape and enrich our world. Students are on a continuum of learning; encouragement, support and guidance from the class teacher are given to promote individual excellence and foster self-esteem by enabling students to achieve a level of mastery with their particular stage of development. 

Teachers differentiate the curriculum as they know their learners and offer individual support and personalised learning to facilitate the next stages of the progression. Teachers prioritise the General Capability: Personal and Social Capability, as we understand and acknowledge that students need to feel safe and​​​ happy in their classroom environment to maximum learning potential. Our teachers are committed to developing positive relationships with all their learners instilling in students that sense of security, wellbeing, inclusion and comfort. Teachers develop Class Covenants to articulate the clear expectations and guidelines for inclusion in the classroom.

PBAR_inclusion2.jpgAt St Joseph's we identify our high-end learners and tailor the curriculum to engage, challenge and extend these students well above the curriculum level.  Partnerships with external agencies like the University of Queensland and Griffith University support STEAM opportunities.  Coding is a language taught in our school.  Our teachers incorporate the Model of Pedagogy and Inquiry learning which brings together the principles and practices of learning and teaching that lead to success for all learners.

Our Teaching and Learning Team: Primary Leader of Learning, Support Teacher Inclusive Education, Guidance Counsellor, Teacher Librarian, Assistant to the Principal Religious Education and Principal partner with our teachers on developing curriculum opportunities and reflecting on effective and expected practices. We value, promote and recognise the significant role of parents who are key stakeholders in walking with us in collaboration and cooperation. When catering for diverse learners we establish a team approach to maximise our support process.

Brisbane Catholic Education works in collaborative partnership with St Joseph’s to provide additional support for specialised services such as:

  • Education Officers Curriculum: who provide teacher and program support for learning enrichment and curriculum differentiation.
  • Advisory Visiting Teachers: who support teachers with students who have special needs e.g.,​ hearing and physical impairment.
  • Education Officer Inclusive Education: who provides knowledge, advice and expertise to support the needs of diverse learners.
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