School Fees

This fee schedule has been developed in consultation with Father Gerry Kalinowski and the Principals of the Jubilee Catholic Primary Schools. It takes into account the priorities highlighted within our School Renewal Plan and the fee and levy recommendations from the Catholic Education Council for the school year.
Commonwealth and State Governments provide Catholic Schools with approximately 84% of the average annual cost of educating a student. This is done by determining the average amount spent by government to fund a state school student then applying the percentage. Fundraising, donations and other income raised by state school communities are not taken into account when determining the amount.
Fees and levies charged by Catholic schools go towards making up the difference, and more importantly, to help ensure we can provide a high quality Catholic education for your child.

Please see document below regarding St Joseph's Bardon Leaving Early Refund Policy.


Payment of Accounts

Fee Statements are issued at the beginning of each term.   Payment i​s due by the date shown on the statement. Payment can be made by Eftpos, BPay, Credit Card, cheque. For ​ease of payment of accounts, a Direct Debit facility is available on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis. 

St Joseph's Primary School Credit Card Request.pdf

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Direct Debit Request.pdfSt Joseph's Catholic Primary School Direct Debit Request.pdf

Families who are unable to meet their fee and levy payments by the due date are asked to contact the Finance Secretary.

Families who are experiencing severe financial hardship are asked to contact the Principal for a confidential discussion and to make appropriate arrangements.

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