Student Wellbeing

St Josephs School Bardon
St Josephs School Bardon

Student wellbeing is integral to Catholic schools. Ensuring that our children feel secure, emotionally connected and supported is vital. Wellbeing is a recognised part of our Australian Curriculum, with a focus on the development of personal and social capabilities. These capabilities centre on students developing an understanding of themselves and others and learning to manage their relationships and wellbeing effectively.

It is well established that when students feel emotionally and socially capable, this enhances their motivation to reach their full potential and to attain high standards in their academic learning (Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, MCEETYA, 2008).​

The manner ​with which children conduct themselves is vital to a positive and supportive school community, and a core part of student wellbeing. St. Joseph’s has developed Positive Behaviours for Learning Guidelines to help students understand their rights and responsibilities within the community.

A key component of student wellbeing is ensuring students at St Joseph’s are safe and protected from harm. Student Protection​ is integral to learning and teaching. The rights of safety, security and nurture underpin students’ capacity for learning and maximise the potential for personal development, ultimately enhancing wellbeing and life opportunities.

All staff participate in regular and ongoing student protection professional learning to assist them in understanding their roles and responsibilities and to respond appropriately to student protection concerns.

 All volunteers are required to complete student protection training. Please click here​ to complete.

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