Logo and Motto

PBAR_logo.jpgAs a Catholic School, our Religious Identity and Culture is symbolised by our unique logo and motto. This logo and motto is reflective of our history and past tradition. The Franciscan Sisters were the foundation order who began St Joseph’s in 1938. Franciscan spirituality, tradition and ethos permeates our school. Central to our logo is the Tau Cross. The Tau Cross is the way St Francis signed his name, as did many poor uneducated people in his time (St Francis was educated, but signed this way in solidarity with the poor). The Tau cross is an international Franciscan symbol and worn by the Franciscan sisters.

The human figure represents all those members of our school community: our students, our parents, our staff, our wider community members as parish, local friends and the face of Jesus Christ. It is through community and communion that we celebrate our Catholicity as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The leaves represent our local suburban area of Bardon (known as the ‘leafy’ suburb of Brisbane). It is also reflective of our commitment to be caretakers of creation, promoting sustainability and stewardship.

Our Motto: Humility, Care and Respect are the values and charisms inspired by Jesus Christ, St Francis (one of our Patron Saints) and our Foundation Order of Franciscan Sisters. This motto permeates our School Vision Statement. As a community we strive daily to live our lives, through word and action, reflect of our motto. Our school initiatives of social justice and action enact Humility, Care and Respect.

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