Learning and Teaching

PBAR_learning1.jpgSt Joseph’s teachers are committed to focus on who their learners are, to identify progress, prior achievement and to plan to accelerate supporting and guiding appropriately the cognitive levels of all students. Teachers plan for quality learning and teaching by establish​ing clear learning intentions and success criteria so students work in negotiation to develop their learning goals and can strive for high expectations. Our teachers establish positive classrooms environments where students are encouraged to question, be curious, develop higher order thinking skills and be activated, engaged in multiple opportunities to show their progression of learning. Along this educational journey, our teachers respond to the learning by providing feedback that moves the learning forward. Feedback can be teacher to student, student to teacher and student to student. This feedback encourages the learner to know where they are at in their learning and what are the next steps to progress forward. St Joseph’s teachers are committed to “know thy impact” so the evaluation of the impact of teaching on student achievement and success is prioritised. Teachers review the climate of the class, collect student feedback and evaluate from a curriculum perspective.

Our teachers are committed to plan across and within year levels incorporating a team approach, working in positive collaborative partnership with parents. Teachers are supported and mentored in their profession with the partnership of our Primary Leader of Learning, our Support Teacher Inclusive Education, our Teacher/Librarian, our Guidance Counsellor, our Assistant to the Principal Religious Education, our Principal and at times external stakeholders from Brisbane Catholic Education or from the wider community.

The school’s curriculum is planned directly from:

The Australian Curriculum sets out what all young people should be taught through the specification of curriculum content and the learning expected at points in their schooling through the specification of Achievement Standards. Assessment for, of and as learning, occurs throughout the year both informally and formally with reference to these Achievement Standards.

PBAR_learning2.jpgOur Dispositions for Learning, under our STAR behaviours: actively learn encourages our students to be take ownership of their learning demonstrating how to persist, reflect, take risks, collaborate and connect through their efforts.

Our students are owners of their own learning and this whole school language fosters that we are all stars and when we actively learn we glow and grow.

St Joseph’s is committed to delivering excellent learning and teaching. Our learners reflect on five key questions: What am I learning? How am I going? How do I know? How can I improve? What do I do when I am stuck?

Clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria assist in directing the progression of learning. Regular opportunities ensure our students can share their celebration of learning with specific events, student-led conferences, open days, through technology, at assemblies, in publications and in daily reflection.

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