Student Attendance

St Joseph’s School has a responsibility to record student attendance and respond to instances of student absence.  St Joseph’s School, and by virtue of their employment, our teachers, are legally required to monitor and record attendance of students in their care on a daily basis, whether absent or present in class, on excursion or at a school-based activity.  Parents and legal guardians of children have a legal obligation, as set out in the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, to ensure a child is enrolled at and attends school.
If your child/ren will be absent from school for any reason, please contact the school by 9:00am on the day of absence.  Our preferred methods are:
  • Parent Portal: Use the Attendance Variation Tile (also available through the BCE Connect App) to record details of absence.

Staff at St Joseph’s record attendance by 9:00am each morning and after 2:00pm each day. 


Late Arrival

A student is considered to have arrived late to school any time after the 8:35am bell.  All students arriving late must be signed in by a parent or legal guardian at the School Office and will be given a late slip.  This slip needs to be presented to the teacher when arriving at class.  If they do not have a late slip, they will be sent to the School Office to sign in.
Early Departure
A student is considered to be leaving early any time before 3:00pm.  All students departing school early must be signed out at the School Office by a parent or legal guardian.  The parent or legal guardian will be given a Permission to Leave Early slip.  This slip needs to be presented to the teacher when collecting the child from class.